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Stereovoltage TEAM

Hey there, we are Daniel & Martin – the engineer team behind Stereovoltage.

Equipped with 15+ years of musical experience playing, recording and producing, we created this platform, with the goal to elevate your productions to a whole new standard.
We offer mixing & mastering services or you can just book a call for personal feedback on your track.





Producing / Mixing / Mastering

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This playlist contains only tracks that are recorded & produced, mixed or mastered by stereovoltage.

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Stereo Master

1 HQ Stereofile

Mastering is the final process in which the engineer will ensure, that the balance, energy and overall loudness of the track meets a professional standard. After mastering the track will be able to compete with current releases and translate onto all types of sound systems including car stereo, club PA speakers or earbuds. We use a analog/digital hybrid setup to combine the best of both worlds.


Stem Master

10 Stems (maximum)

Stem mastering is a perfect halfway point for producers who are happy with their mix and need a little refining on individual parts/groups. This is also a great option for those who are on a budget and want more than just a master. Grouped tracks (Kick, Drums, Synths, FX e.t.c.) gives us an adequate amount of control which will ensure the best possible sonic result. There is a limit of 10 tracks max.


Mix Feedback

Give us a call

You might be working on your first song or be years into the game struggling with a mix. Whatever stage you’re at, we’ve been there. With our first-hand experience and two fresh pairs of ears, we can help you find that missing piece of the puzzle and pinpoint what the song needs.



Quote based

The Mix. This is one of the, if not the most pivotal stage of a song coming to life and we are certainly aware of our responsibility, merely to enhance the artists vision, which is why we believe communication beforehand is paramount, in order to help the music blossom.